Music as Creative Inspiration

Please feel free to listen to this album as you read this post and its links.

For the past two weekends I was taking a course given by Antolina Ortiz Moore on Creating A Universe With Words sponsored by the Quebec Writers Federation.

During the course, one of the elements which was discussed was the usage of rhythm in our writing and how the sound of words is important for the flow of ideas.

That got me thinking about an interview I recently heard on CBC radio with the Neo-Classical pianist Jean-Michel Blais on the creation of his latest album, Aubades – a piece of music appropriate to dawn.

Blais composed this music in the midst of confinement where, because of gentrification, he had been evicted from his apartment and his studio and to add to all of this, had a breakup in his relationship.

Understandably, he was depressed, lonely, felt he had reached bottom and worried that he would never again compose. (Sound familiar?)

Alone, in his new apartment, he felt that he needed something to get back to his creativity and so he set  up a room for his studio and decided to record a new record – his pandemic therapy album.

 To feel awake again he challenged himself by asking how he could remain creative. What would happen if he let himself go, tried to surpass himself by writing new stuff and used the confinement as opportunity to transform a dream into reality?   

The result is an album that is simply gorgeous. Filled with hope, open to what’s new, uplifting and  inspirational.

 You can read the interview with Piya Chattopadhyay and listen to a great composer talk about the process of creativity.  

21 thoughts on “Music as Creative Inspiration

  1. I am absolutely going to listen to this music, Carol! I am a firm believer that music has a deep and lasting impact on us. And research consistently shows music’s benefits. It’s a learning tool, an emotional release, a creativity spark, and so much more. It helps with mental focus, too. So glad to see and hear this post!

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  2. I love this, Carol! It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to listen to it in its entirety at my office tomorrow. I often use music to get unstuck in my story. It never fails me. Thanks for sharing! Hugs to you and Bau. xo


  3. The music, like you said is uplifting! But I find the story of finding a period of great accomplishment in the midst of the pandemic even more uplifting: until now I mainly knew of the tremendous accomplishments of Isaac Newton during another (Bubonic) pandemic, where during his 2 years of quarantine in his farm he essentially invented calculus and the theory of universal gravity. WOW! It is absolutely inspiring to read these stories. Thank you for the refreshing boost of encouragement!


  4. Carol, your course sounds fascinating and I too find rhythm in writing is so important and often overlooked! There is music within the words themselves and I wonder if you are going to share more about the classes?

    Wow! I listened to some of the music this morning and it is sublime, such peace and harmony … much needed at the moment! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to listening to more today … there is incredible poetic potential in all of us if we just let ourselves be free!


    • Thank you, Annika for your inspiring comments. I love your last line and how we have poetic potential if we just let ourselves be free.
      This morning I was listening to a meditation on positive motivation to find peace and comfort and was reminded that we are capable of great things if we let the energy and positive mindset come out within us. We simply need to embrace the energy within us and being a positive force.
      I had no intention of sharing more about the classes. As I reread and edit my latest novel I intend to listen to Blais music and see what happens. Perhaps I will write on the experience. Thank you for instilling this idea in my mind. Gratitude. xx

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      • Good luck with the edits, Carol … I had this wonderful music playing yesterday whilst editing away and it is perfect for this task!

        Here’s to embracing the energy within us! xx

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    • Thanks, Jacqui for stopping by and commenting. We all at times need some motivation. It can be easy to give up. Heaven’s knows that there are so many excuses out there.
      I’m happy to share this music and happy that you like it.


  5. What a wonderful course, Carol. I have been very interested in how words and music come together. Thank you for the introduction to an amazing composer. I am enjoying Jean-Michel Blais’s music as I write this comment.


    • Oh, I am so glad that you are listening to his music. As I revise my latest novel I intend to listen to his music and see what happens to the flow of my work.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Much appreciated.

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  6. I will try again to listen. For some reason when I try to listen on WP I am getting error messages. Thanks for an inspiring writing post, Carol!


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