Screenwriting: Update on the Logline

I realize that I have been neglecting my blog posts on screenwriting. The thing is, I was busy writing my screenplay. Now that I’ve finished it (for now) I’d like to share what I learned about screenwriting for TV or film.

A few posts ago I wrote about the logline which you can have a look at here:

One of the ideas I discovered in my process to screenwriting is that your script should be presented in a certain standard, much like a play might be presented. There are quite a few screenwriting softwares out here, depending on your needs. I chose to write on ARC STUDIO and really like it. I am still on it.

So here’s a link to their website and especially what they have to say about the log line:  

(… the basic formula of a logline is protagonist + catalyst + protagonist’s goal + antagonist/conflict.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

29 thoughts on “Screenwriting: Update on the Logline

  1. I am confident you are going to be successful, my sweet friend. You have put so much blood, sweat, and tears into this endeavor. I did check out the link. to ARC. (Simple and practical to understand, and yet so difficult to do for us wordies to condense, isn’t it?) 🙂 (Mmm, that’s more like 50 words right there!!! See what I mean???) 🙂 Love you gal,


  2. Hi
    I bookmarked this to come back and read this and read the other posts
    Thanks for sharing and best wishes with your screenplay!
    I have made outlines for two – but have not dome much with them after that!
    So I am eager to read your notes

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      • Thanks Carol and I’ll check in more about them later – but they are on the B list for at least a another year –
        I am finishing other writing projects and have a few other things on the A list
        So I will enjoy your shares in the meantime


  3. I’m intrigued by your screenwriting efforts, Carol. It’s something I’ve thought about, but then back away, citing time and the energy needed to learn something new. Good for you for going for it. Thanks for the note on the software you’re using and the logline link. 🙂

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  4. I know you are busy tinkering with a new project when we don’t hear a lot from you. Looking forward to hearing more about your screen writing. Thanks for the great link on loglines. Hugs xx

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  5. It felt like a relief to hear that you like the program. The reason is that years ago I tried to write a play and had to get playwriting software. I hated it. It was so much faster to just format it myself. I felt like I was wasting (valuable haha) time. On a related note, I also tried Scrivener for my memoir and hated it.


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