Bau: My New Friend, Cosmo

During my last visit at Dog Therapy, Yara, one of my many fans, showed me a photo of her dog, Cosmos. Many of my fans come to see me because they miss their dogs back home.

I guess while they’re petting me they’re thinking about their own best friend.

Doesn’t Cosmo look handsome with his eye-make-up?

Yara, told me that the imprint of his heart was always there. It wasn’t shaved

or tattooed. What a special dog!

Thank you, Yara, for sharing your dog.

20 thoughts on “Bau: My New Friend, Cosmo

    • In this case, Anneli, the student is studying at McGill but could not bring her dog with her.
      In the residence where my sister lives dogs are allowed. But only small dogs and they are not allowed to roam around.
      But, you’re right, it is sad when people who have to go into residence and are forced to leave their pets behind. It’s an added grief.

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