Dear Friends,

Beware of going on a profile with my name, especially if it doesn’t have my photo nor a header photo. You might get scammed as I did.

I’m still trying to delete the fake profiles on my FB page but am unable to do so because I do not know the password they used.

I don’t know how many different fake profiles in my name are on FB but I did land on one where the manage and follow buttons are in Chinese!

In the meantime, I am still trying to get into my real FB profiles but it’s a hit and miss situation.

I have already notified FB but have not yet received any response.

Wish me luck!


  1. xxxx Carol. I am sure they will deal with it if you have reported it. But they don’t exactly move their bahookies. Last week someone set up a fake profile of my Mr. They took his banner image which had our grandies on it. Despite it being reported by various people, they did nothing for 24 hours until one of my daughters let them have it about the unauthorised use of a photograph of her child of 3–never mind the other two one of whom is 19 months. So FB took the banner down. Despite that bit of it, it took another 24 hours to take the profile down. IF they don’t move it just keep clicking report and why.


  2. I do wish you luck – but I almost think that META is doing this so people pay the 12$ a month to pay for verified – they want folks to fork over money after years of free services – sigh

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