Our experiences are stepping stones for much of what feeds our character. We live, we experience, we learn, we become, and we overcome.

I always look forward to reading D.G. Kaye’s books because I know they will be authentic, witty, and compelling.

Throughout D.G. Kaye’s latest memoir, she draws her readers in by sharing her past experiences. A reader can easily relate to fifteen real talk stories that cover topics such as her obsession with shoes, her hilarious experience with her first Christmas tree, her disastrous experiment with changing from blonde to redhead, her first kiss, and many more firsts, at times bittersweet, including the death of a close friend.

 In particular, I found her tribute to her beloved husband to be so very touching. She writes how no man could make her laugh. In the past laughter for her “could mask so many scars, aches, and insecurities….It was always me making someone else laugh…That was until I met my husband. Here was a man who made me laugh.”

During this Christmas season, if you’re feeling stressed like many of us are, I highly recommend this book. Relax and give yourself this gift for the holiday season. Your heart will likely smile as you reflect on some of your firsts and take a journey down your own memory lane.


  1. Thank you so much Carol. I was elated to find my name in your titled post. I am humbled at your kind words about my books, and over the moon for your most beautiful review and share here. Thank you and wishing you a beautiful holiday season and all good things for the new year and always. Hugs ❤ xx

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    • Debby, I posted the review on Amazon.ca, tried to post on Goodreads but there was some maintenance happening then. Will try later.
      I know the holidays are hard for you but I wish you comfort and peace. ❤

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      • Thanks again so very much Carol. I am thrilled for your review, and that you took the time to read. Thanks for letting me know about the glitch on GR. I’ve been encountering glitches in a few places. The digital world we have to put up with 🙂 And thanks for bothering to go back to Goodreads. Holiday hugs to you Carol. You made my day. ❤ xx

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  3. Hi Carol, Thank you for a tempting review of Deb’s entertaining book Fifteen First Times. Definitely on my list ‘to read.’ She’s quite a charismatic character…A Happy New Year.

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