The Romance of Tristan and Iseult

Here is something I posted awhile back. I thought maybe you might enjoy it, if you haven’t read it or weren’t on WordPress when I first posted it. In any case it’s just a mother bragging about her daughter.

Carol Balawyder

I am bragging about my daughter’s pastry skills today.

One of the assignments in her Pastry Chef course was to create a chocolate piece based on the literary classic Tristan and Iseult, the tragic romantic legend made popular during the 12th century by the French writer, Joseph Bedier.

 Both Catherine’s father and I are avid readers. As a child we read to her at night-time and put books in her hands. I’m sure you’re familiar with the research that to turn a child into a reader surround her with books and people who read.

Catherine is proof that this theory does not always work. She does not like reading and so rather than read the book for this assignment she browsed the internet and found a marble sculpture of Tristan and Isuelt by Roger Stephens.

Inspired by this sculpture she created her own marble like sculpture made of…

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16 thoughts on “The Romance of Tristan and Iseult

  1. That was a great post and your daughter’s cake was such an art piece
    It was nice to skim your comments from that 2014 post and see some bloggers I know – or knew

    Oh and I have not read Tristan and Iseult

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    • Thanks, Yvette, for commenting. I too found it interesting to re-read the comments and even my responses.
      I loved some of the responses about how the chocolate sculpture was a better choice than reading the book.
      There’s also the opera – if you like opera.

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      • I didn’t have time to open the videos (but can maybe come back later ) and wha a fun blog post that offers the extended video options!
        The post also reminded me that some folks just don’t get zapped with the “reading gene” haha
        Even if they grow up with books and have a family of readers – people vary so much and I would not put myself in the category of being that dedicated reader!’
        I read a lot because I had to for advanced degrees and other work – so that kind of made me – and then I began skimming used books to decide which ones I tweak my wanted to fully read
        But I admit to being closer on the continuum worth your daughter – hahaha
        And I hope you is doing well now with her career and life

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      • Thanks, Yvette for your comment. Now that there are audio books available, people don’t read as much, plus we are invaded, not to mention overwhelmed by social media which diminishes our attention span. Reading requires focus and attention.

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      • I agree with all of what you said – especially for the general population
        But there will always be a small group of serious readers – whether for work or lifestyle
        But maybe less and less

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