My dad was born on a farm town in Rama, Saskatchewan and my mom in Montreal.  I was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec  but currently I live in Montreal. I first came to study Early Childhood Education at McGill. It was a lonely time for me. Away from home for the first time. My parents didn’t believe in summer camps.

I didn’t like teaching kindergarten. All that discipline and yelling and screaming all at once…no I had the book first…he hit me…Patty peed in her pants. So I went on to get a B.A. in Education so I could teach high school.  My first teaching job was teaching poetry to a group of drop-outs who were no older than I was and even some of the boys in my class were my brother’s friends. It was weird. Teaching High School didn’t turn out to be the be all and end all of saving the world.

After that, I got a neat job teaching English as second language for this company run by a really old woman who let me do practically whatever I wanted. I got to create a lot in those years.

And then I needed to travel.  I did some research at The British Museum Library on my own grant. It was on Alice in Wonderland. The real reason why I wanted to do this research was that I just wanted to read from the original Lewis Carroll manuscript. Man, did they ever survey that manuscript. You’d think I was taking out Russian spy material.

Fast forward. I went back to study Applied Linguistics at Concordia University in Montreal where I almost got an M.A. degree if it weren’t for this professor (Gosh I wish I could remember her name…she was ancient)  who didn’t think that using music to teach a second language was cool to use with adults. Although, a year later she kind of got with it and delivered a speech at an ESL convention using my material! Really. Now, that’s not fair.

Okay, so bad things happen to good people.  I write a few ESL books that sell fairly well. Maybe you’ve heard or even used some of them: Open For Business and Windows on Sci-Tech. These were under my married name Carol Ann Fournier.

So I have my Andy Warhol fifteen minutes of fame and now what?

Oh, I know… I want to write crime novels. But don’t I need some kind of credibility, like maybe having been a criminal myself or a detective (which really, really would have been super cool, if in my good old days they’d accepted women in the police force).

I went back to university to get a M.Sc. in criminology and then ended up teaching Police Technology and Corrections for eighteen years in a college in the north end of Montreal. How’s that for credibility?

In the meantime, I got divorced and found myself side tracking from crime writing and writing about dating. Horror!

Here I am, years later and too many dates to keep track of but with a collection of dating stories and a novel.

Now you know my sad story of how I became a writer. But wait, that’s not all. I’m only beginning.








121 thoughts on “Author

  1. Carol, you’re a peach taking the time to check out my blog About Me. I look forward to our interview on How I Got Published.Please let me know your address so I may sent a couple of books to you. Kindle has a code I can send or I can mail paperbacks from my collection at home. Let’s be friends, okay?


    • Hi Charmaine,
      Such a lovely e-mail. I wouldn’t mind receiving a paperback from you. Although I read quite a bit on my Kindle I still prefer paper copies. Thank you for your warm offer of friendship. Yes, let’s be friends. 🙂

  2. I am happy to have met you via our mutual friend Debby Gies, who I see has helped you find your perfect book cover. You are an accomplished author, as I’ve seen poking around on your website. Thank you for visiting mine today, Carol. You are always welcome.

  3. How’d I miss reading about YOU before? Fascinating, the twists and turns that lead us to writing. I’ve just finished reading Missi’s dating adventures and reviewed the book on your Amazon page. Fabulous read!

    • Thanks so much, Pamela. I’ve also left a comment of The Right Wrong Man on Amazon and Goodreads. I really read it fast…it was that kind of interesting book for me.

      • I also love meeting other wonderful writers through our blogs. It’s one of the great perks of writing and blogging. It’s such an inspiration and motivation to connect with other writers and to encourage each other. Thanks for being here, Pamela! 🙂

  4. Hi Carol, I’ve read Not By Design and would like to post a review on my blog. If you would like I can include some additional information that is listed on my review policy at . I loved Not By Design and read it in one sitting. I could not put it down. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. My contact information is also listed in my review Policy. Thanks so much.
    PS I will also post a review on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, and Goodreads.

  5. Do you have a paperback version of Not by Design book, Carol? I am on Amazon and cannot find a link to paperback and would like to purchase your book! Hopefully, you may be able to get back to me soon. . . There’s only a Kindle version so far. . . hugs, Robin xo

    • Thank you so much Robin, for your interest in my book Not By Design. Unfortunately, I only have an e-book version. The Kindle version however can be downloaded on different devices. Hugs to you too, xxx

  6. What a great story, Carol! Very moving and interesting! Brings back in the years I did everything, mostly all the mistakes, studying, living with mum and not listening to her righteous words, oooh, we women we do go through lots of stories, books can be written, yeah, we have lots to write about hahaha! I need to read all about that dating, if only you got my story right in dating hehe! I am so glad we found each other. I need to keep my going with my mouse at other titles on yours,. I am going to read a bit now. Thank you for joining me and I am glad I joined you too. Let the journey take its toll. Happy Weekend!

  7. Happy to see how you’ve expanded your blog. We’re not just authors. We have lives and hardships and happiness to share in addition to our creative endeavors.

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