Missi’s Dating Adventures

Missi's dating B


Missi Morgan is looking for a boyfriend. Maybe she’s just unlucky but she seems to attract the most unsuitable men you can imagine. After so many disappointing dates, her friends in The Dating Club persuade her to write about her experiences. At least some use could come from all these disheartening dates.
Missi’s Dating Adventures is Missi’s epilogue to the novel Getting to Mr. Right. Read what she’s been up to.





9 thoughts on “Missi’s Dating Adventures

    • Thanks for the encouragement. It’s really a take-off from the novel The Dating Club, which I’m trying to publish. Missi is one of the characters in the novel and these are her dating experiences.
      You can read more info on The Dating Club on my menu bar under Women’s fiction.


  1. Just finished Miss’s Dating Adventures and loved it! I posted my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. I especially liked the humor and dialogue. The book captured in a very reader-friendly way the mixed joys and sorrows of the modern dating gestalt. I look forward to reading The Dating Club.

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  2. Great read, Carol! I enjoyed so much I posted reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Painful but honest look at today’s world of online dating. Augh! Hasn’t it come to this? Thanks for inking Missi’s adventures. There’s hope!

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    • Thanks so very much, Ann, for your review. It was incredibly generous and made me happy that you enjoyed the book. Thank you for taking the time and effort in writing such a great review. I couldn’t ask for more. You are an angel. ⭐


  3. Carol,
    Thank you for writing about dating in the 21st century. The days of arranged marriages are starting to look better and better (just kidding! sort of!). I enjoyed the read so much I posted reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Can’t wait to read more of your work.

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    • I know that I’m really late in replying and I apologize for this, Ann. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with blogging and keeping up with my writing that I forget to check my comments. I’m hoping (aiming for) the novel, The Dating Club to be published in September. Missi’s Dating Adventures is an offshoot of this novel. Thanks so much for reading and posting on Amazon and Goodreads. 🙂


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