Bau: Introducing Mr. Baudelaire


Dog Notebook

My original name was Harry, which is an excellent name for a dog like me, especially since I am very princely looking. Yet, my mistress decided that because I am a Bichon of French decent she thought it appropriate that I have a French name and a literary one at that.

So she re-named me Mr. Baudelaire after the famous French poet but calls me Bau which many humans rightly confuse with the French word beau which very suitably means very handsome.

I was 3 months old when my mistress came into my life but because of her lazy life style she found me too much trouble and responsibility and returned me to my former owner. I was happy to see my mother and father and little brother but still being rejected is never an easy pill to swallow. 

But, being the adorable dog I am she began to miss me and even felt heart-broken over my absence and begged to have me back. Now, I am teaching her dog language, which unfortunately she often doesn’t get. Anyway, I cross my paws with hope that she will come to recognize my enormous enrichment to her life and her blog.