The Sunday Show – Defining Moments with Carol Balawyder

For those who are not yet familiar with Sally’s blog I encourage you to go there. You will find a wealth of information and posts which reflect Sally’s generous spirit.
Thank you so very much Sally for including me as a guest on your Sunday Show.

What’s Your System Like?


I write a lot of book reviews and post them on Amazon and Goodreads.  I review on a sliding scale. Sort of like when you go to a meditation retreat you are charged according to how much you can afford. In the case of book reviews my system is based on where the writer is on his/her writing career.

All of us know how much work is involved in the writing and editing of a book. That in itself is an achievement.


Then there comes the packaging, the publishing and the marketing.


Here’s my system. Whenever I read a book by fellow bloggers I immediately give a 3 star for having a book out.

I wouldn’t want you thinking that everything that’s out there deserves a three star. We all have come across junk but that’s not what I’m talking about. Also, I will give a one star to any book I that is filled with pornography, condoning violence of any sort, hate literature. I give a one star rather than not post at all as a statement. Luckily I seldom come across these books.

What I’m talking about are Indie writers who’ve put effort and thought and even their souls into their work.  I might not like the genre or the plot doesn’t move me but that doesn’t mean that the book is not good. Lots of people could like it. Hey, I never got into Harry Potter!

 If I’m reviewing a book of a known writer, say one who has loads of experience under her/his belt, been on the bestseller list and has an editor, publicist, agents in US, Australia, UK then I tend to be more on the left side of the sliding scale. I’m less forgiving.

For books written by fellow bloggers,who have to wear many hats,  I lean most often on the 5 star side of the scale.

File:5 stars.svg


Is this fair? Should I be judging all books equally? I think not. It would be like comparing a beginner or intermediate musician to Erin Copland or all skaters to P.K. Subban.



Do you review books you’ve read? Do you have a system?