How I Got Published: Kristina Stanley

Kristina Stanley

Kristina Stanley was head of security at an isolated resort in the debts of the Purcell Mountains, British Columbia. Her time in that job and her love of skiing led her to write the Stone Mountain series.

Her books have garnered the attention of prestigious crime writing organizations in Canada and England. Crime Writers of Canada nominated DESCENT (July 2015, Imajin Books) for the Unhanged Arthur award for the best unpublished crime novel. The Crime Writers’ Association nominated BLAZE for the Debut Dagger (to be published fall 2015, Imajin Books).

How I Got Published

For me the journey to publication was a long one. I wrote four novels. I believe I needed to do this in order to improve my writing and bring it to the level where it deserved to be published.

While I was writing, I spent four years creating an online platform. Most publishers today want an author to have a platform before they will consider taking on a new author. The unexpected benefit for me was that I love connecting with people on the Internet. I have a wide range of contacts, all of who are interesting to interact with and learn from. Four years may seem like a long time, but to connect personally and develop relationships does take time.

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