Review: “Missi’s Dating Adventures” by Carol Balawyder

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Missi's dating

Not a Bridget Jones kind of dating farce as I had expected this is a more serious and heart-felt return of a vulnerable and divorced woman into the tough reality of dating.
There is no pretence as Missi meets a series of very unlikely candidates to make her happy. Missi writes with honesty how these encounters occur, without simply ridiculing them as some chick-lit might do it. Unsuitable these men, however, remain, which provides some mild amusement on the way.
Before she can find happiness she has to learn some tough lessons and maybe learn to be on her own. The chapters end with great statements about what Missi has learned and how she has grown from the experience.
Honest, thoughtful and refreshing this is a coming of age story as much as it is a reflection on modern life and expectations from relationships.
Highly recommended reading.

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