New Book: The Lilac NoteBook

I am proud to present my latest novel The LILAC NOTEBOOK – a novel about Alzheimer’s, incest and murder.

Three university friends. One in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, another out for revenge and a third murdered.
Age 40, Holly Baranov is in the beginning stages of fast advancing Alzheimer’s. Unwilling to care for her, Holly’s husband leaves her. While frightened to be on her own, Holly is relieved to be freed from the clutches of a controlling husband.
She moves out of her large home in the middle-class west end section of Montreal and into a small apartment near McGill University where she enrolls in a poetry course in the hopes of activating new brain cells.
There she meets Kim Harris, a thirty-something beautiful but damaged law student and Amelia Rose, a twenty-year-old pole dancer in a seedy nightclub who wants nothing more than to graduate, teach high school, marry and raise a family.
When Amelia is found strangled in her apartment, Holly becomes embroiled in the investigation, both as amateur detective and prime suspect. Along with her fading memory, she has also lost her ability to speak and write. Uncertain whether she killed Amelia as her friend Kim, her ex-husband Roy and the police suspect her of doing so, Holly must race against her own failing memory, and progressive illness, to discover the real murderer, even if that means finding out the truth about herself.

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