How I Got Published: J.E. Forman

J.E. Forman Really Dead

Once upon a time I was a relatively sane television producer. I switched from cameras to keyboards and added screenwriter and romance novelist (under a pseudonym) to my list of credits. Really Dead is my first mystery.

How I got published

 Dying played a big part in the birth of my mystery. I’d been following the usual write a mystery-query-heavy sigh after getting rejections route for several years and I was just about to give up the dream of getting a mystery published when my fate took a detour.

 My mother died and I needed to get my hair dyed before her funeral. My hairdresser squeezed me into his over-scheduled day and, while he was putting the glop on my head, introduced me to the other customer he was working on at the same time. She was sitting in the chair next to mine, wearing a plastic bag on her head. The woman and I did the polite “what do you do” conversation and I almost slid out of my chair. The woman with the bag on her head was the then owner/publisher of an independent Canadian publishing house that had a very successful mystery line. It wasn’t the time or place for me to start pitching a story … but I left the salon with a personal connection and an invitation to submit.

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