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Here are two more books by fellow bloggers that you might enjoy reading.


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Like all of D.G. Kaye’s books, I was eager to read her latest – a follow up to Conflicted Heart.  P.S. I Forgive You – A Broken Legacy  is Kaye’s most heart wrenching and intense book to date. Not surprising, considering the subject of this memoir.  It is D.G. Kaye’s and her siblings’ attempt of freeing themselves from the clutches of emotional neglect.

P.S. I Forgive You – A Broken Legacy is a testimony to the painful effects of her mother’s gambling addiction on her and her siblings. Anyone who has lived with an addict knows how destructive it can be, how much it creates guilt, resentment and a feeling of low self esteem.

P.S. I Forgive You  is heartbreaking to read but D.G. Kaye’s strength and ability to offer an honest examination of her experience is an inspiration to anyone who has found themselves with the difficult decision of turning away from a toxic relationship. Most importantly, in Kaye’s difficult journey to self love and acceptance she offers hope in her struggle to love a mother who was not able to provide the same for her children.

A tender, well written book.

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Glass Slippers and Stilettos is a collection of ten short stories as seen through the eyes of Linden’s protagonist, Regina. In the story titled Driving Regina, whereby Regina is involved in an accident, Ana Linden writes: Little does he (the driver of the car Regina has run into) know that Regina has such emergencies once a week. This pretty well sums up Regina, along with this other line:  Men lovers are  her recreational drug.

Linden’s characters don’t have names. Instead she refers to them as Boyfriend, Lover, The Assistant, Kid, Mr. Impeccable Pedigree, and Inconsiderate. Using this technique is clever as it allows the reader to identify easily with the characters. Haven’t we all met such people in our own lives?

In some ways, Regina is a contemporary femme fatale (minus the crime) for she possesses traits often found in this archetype of literature: gold digger, selfish, heartless, manipulative, opportunist, sense of entitlement both with her friends, lovers and at work and an accomplished liar.

Although it is difficult to like Regina it is also difficult to put her down.

You can read excerpts from Glass Slippers and Stilettos here.




Golf and Writing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was away on a golf holiday for a week. I hadn’t played golf since the beginning of October and my golf game was rusty, to say the least. This reminded me of how practice is important. As I played golf, I began to see parallels between writing and golf.

Keep your eye on the ball. Do you tend to go from one genre to another, skip from one POV to another?  It has taken me a long time before I finally decided that the kind of writing I want to do is crime writing. And I often find that in my writing I mingle my POV’s. As in golf, I need to keep focused. Not an easy thing to do. But neither golf nor writing are easy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADon’t let a bad shot ruin your game. And did I ever have a lot of bad shots. I felt like a beginner. The feeling was similar to getting rejections. But you keep playing the game because you’re in it till the end.  And you learn from your bad shots. You ask yourself: What did I do wrong? And you avoid that the next time. You keep trying until finally there it is. A perfect sentence!

Commit to the shot. Anyone who knows golf has heard this one. Once you’ve decided how to play a shot, play it that way. Don’t listen to what others tell you. Nor to that little voice that says I’ll write when I’m inspired. You commit to your schedule, whatever that may be. You write every day. Because you’re a writer.

Don’t forget to look at your surroundings.   I love golf courses. Wide open spaces. Lakes. Sometimes ocean views.  And animals roaming around.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s the setting of the game that without it there wouldn’t be a course. Settings are important. 

When it’s breezy swing easy.  If you play golf sooner or later you’re bound to hear this phrase.  This basically means don’t swing hard on a windy day or else your ball will just balloon up in the air. When the writing’s windy maybe it’s time to try something else. Write a post on your blog. See what’s happening on twitter.  Attend a conference. Read a book in your genre. Or take a walk. Accept that sometimes there may be alligators in your way. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While I was down South the LPGA  (Ladies Professional Golf Association) were playing in Naples, Florida.  Shanshan Feng, who won the tournament, said that she has a carefree attitude when she’s on tour. She’s simply enjoys the game. Another great golfer, Suzanne Petterson, (yes the beauty who posed nude) likes to take chances and gamble.

Now, that’s something to do. Not posing nude but I’m going to put in a bit of gambling in my writing, a bit of carefree attitude and see what happens. Otherwise, I’ll never know.

If you want to read more on how writing is a lot like golf you might enjoy this article by Braydon King: