David Lodge

Last week I posted about my desk which brought me to thinking of other writers’ desks which then led me to the idea of posting a series of famous writers’ desks.

I used to be addicted to David Lodge‘s writing. I loved his sense of humor and I suppose, because I was in academia, I ‘got’ how he satirized academic life in such novels as Changing Places and Small World.

Small World and Nice Work were both shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

Lodge‘s novels  cover a range of other topics: for example, the world of business in Nice Work, the world of television in Therapy, and deafness and Alzheimer’s disease in Deaf Sentence.

Author, Author is based on the life of Henry James and A Man of Parts on that of H.G. Wells.

Here’s his office. Don’t you just envy the spaciousness of it?

David Lodge

Photographer:   Eamonn McCabe 

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