Some of you may have read Karen’s My Train of Thought’s On…awhile back on her Did You Know? Nobel Prizes Literature post.

If so, you might have noticed that out of 106 Nobel Prizes for Literature 13 have been awarded to women.


Okay. I won’t get into any equality debate. Or the men are better writers than women argument. (Yawn..Oh, sorry). All, I’ll say is have you read Herta Muller?

Her novels are a reflection of her own struggles of living under the repressed dictatorship of Ceausescu’s’ Romanian regime. They are filled with betrayals, rebellion, corruption and forced labor camps. To read any of them is heartbreaking and haunting.

Photo source: wikipedia.org

Recipients of Nobel prizes for literature often, in my opinion, win because of their humanitarian and political stance.

But that is not enough. Their writing must be stellar. Continue reading