How I Got Published: John McFetridge

John McFetridge

John McFetridge is the author of four novels in the  The Toronto Series as well as Black Rock, set in Montreal in1970. The second Montreal novel, A Little More Free, is set in 1972 and will be published in the fall of 2015. He was a writer on the CTV/CBS cop show, The Bridge. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife and two sons.

“Like (Elmore Leonard, McFetridge is able to convincingly portray flawed figures on both sides of the law. ” – Publishers Weekly

How I Got Published

After almost ten years of part-time attendance I graduated from Concordia in 1990 with an English degree (and a minor in Creative Writing) and I moved to Toronto and worked on movie sets. Almost ten years later when my wife and I had kids I became a stay-at-home dad and decided to try and make some money writing. The only kind of writing that seemed to be paying was non-fiction but I had an idea for a novel – I was still trying to figure out Toronto (I still am) and why so many people come to the city and a crime novel seemed like the best way to get into as many different neighbourhoods as possible.

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Femme Fatale: Kitty Keeler

How would you react if you were told that your two young children were murdered?

And then, not only have you seen their dead bodies at the morgue, but you are being interrogated by The District Attorney about your love life.

Kitty Keeler is not a woman to take accusations of murder lightly.

Dorothy Uhnak, Policewoman in The NYPD  for 14 years, draws from her experience to bring us a character that has all the traits of a femme fatal.

She slid around in the chair and blazed at the men standing on the side of the room. “You bastards been having fun? Listen you,” she turned back to Neary, “you want to know about my love life, my sex life, you just ask me. Ask me and I’ll tell you whatever the hell you want to know to get your kicks, to make your day.” She leaned back in the chair, folded her arms, tilted her head to one side. “And that’ll save you time, so you won’t have to send all these goddamn overpaid son-of-bitches digging into my private life. And then maybe, maybe, you can start finding out who killed my kids.” Her anger fed itself, generated an even greater fury, strengthened her, made her more than equal to deal with all of us.

Is Kitty sincere? Do you believe her distress?

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