Blogging For Mental Health

I'm Blogging for Mental Health.


In my way of blogging for mental health,  I’d like to introduce you to Jocelyne Dubois, a good friend of mine, who has suffered for many years from mental illness and has written a novella based on her struggles.

Her novella, World of Glass, was shortlisted for the 2013 Quebec Writers’ Federation Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction.




After the rupture of her most recent relationship, Chloé begins a new life by taking a job as an advertising rep for an upscale fashion magazine in Montréal. Her reconnection with her French Canadian soul is initially exhilarating, but soon turns out to be disastrous. She loses her footing and enters her own world of glass: a fragile, hypersensitive realm that eventually shatters.

World of Glass is a disquieting insight on the internal struggles and stigmas of mental health experienced through the eyes of one woman caught in a vicious, downward spiral.

Madeleine Thien, an award-winning writer, based in Montreal had this to say about World of Glass:

 World of Glass discovers the woman that Chloé becomes, the love she
chooses, and the hesitant rebuilding of family, trust and
self. It is a remarkable work.

Quotations From a Writing Workshop

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This fall I took an eight week workshop with Anosh Irani given by the Quebec Writers Federation. It was an inspiring course with lots of creative participants.

Maybe it was a case of when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Whatever it was, here are some insights from the workshop:


Keep digging for the truth.

Truth is disturbing. The writer’s job is only to look at the truth.

Dialogue must reveal some truth about the character.

Autobiography has to do with fact; fiction has to do with truth.


Art is meant to inspire and energize. It’s like a blood transfusion.

Create memorable characters with very few strokes.


You are writing because you have a story to tell.

Write to define the chaos.

You don’t  know what you want to say until you write it.

If you have nothing to say but something to discover, write.


 You have to put your soul on the pages.

The writer learns to disappear.

Learn to approach your writing with playfulness.

A great idea gets lost if you think about it too much.

Don’t doubt the process because that’s when the magic is gone.


The main character’s desire keeps increasing and it keeps out of reach.

As long as your writing reveals character,  showing or telling doesn’t matter.

Character is action. We are defined by what we do. Is first person harder than third person? It’s all excruciating.

The opening must give us something of the character. It sets the tone.


A good ending has a sense of continuity. The story continues to live and breathe.


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