Femme Fatale: Blanche Lake

What makes Blanche Lake a femme fatale?

She doesn’t try to seduce the detectives who are investigating the case of her missing daughter as  did Kitty Keeler in The Investigation.

Although Blanche Lake is an attractive woman who has just moved into New York City with her three-year old daughter she is not drop-dead gorgeous as is Jennifer Rockwell  in Night Train.

Nor is she money hungry like Dolly Henderson in Honor Bound.

Blanche Lake is very frightened and very disturbed.

Though little physical violence is present in the novel,  Piper brutally deals with the psychological violence that is a common theme throughout her noir thrillers.

Evelyn Piper was Merriam Modell’s pen name. She has also been referred to as Miriam Levant, the name she was given on her birth in Manhattan in 1908.  Her novel The Innocent – a domestic suspense novel  was nominated for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel and Bunny Lake is Missing was made into a Hollywood film.

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Marilyn Monroe

Photo: entertainment

The American playwright and Pulitzer Prize winner William Motter Inge, wrote Bus Stop. His works are known for solitary protagonists and strained sexual relationships, which is no surprise as he was mentored by Tennessee Williams.

Bus Stop was Marilyn’s first starring role in a dramatic film and her first movie made after studying at the Actor’s Studio in New York with Lee Strasberg. Her role in the movie transported her from bombshell to serious actress.

Her performance got the best reviews of her career and brought her an Oscar nomination for best actress.

While filming Bus Stop Marilyn stayed at the San Carlos Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.


 – a hotel which attracted such stars as Clark Gable, Mae West, Carole Lombard, Ingrid Bergman, Spencer Tracey, Humphrey Bogart and Jean Harlow.


   Marilyn insisted on staying in the suite on the third floor next to the pool so that she could tan while not working.


I recently stayed at this hotel and visited her suite.



As I did so, I imagined her sitting here writing some of her poetry.


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