Hello world!

I have told everyone I know that I am going to create my own blog and now that I’ve finally sort of got the hang of it I wonder what it is I will say. My sister, Louisa, informs me that when people have a blog it’s because they have a specific topic in mind. It’s her sister friendly way of asking me if I know what the hell I’m doing.

In self-defense I say I’m going to blog about writing. This seems to reassure her. Once a big sister, always a big sister.

One thing I have learned is that the universe provides. But you’ve got to be specific about what you want it to provide. For example, my brother invites me for a bar-b-q at his house and since his birthday is around the corner, I think it would be nice to bring over a birthday cake. Out of nowhere my mind comes up with the idea of buying a chocolate birthday cake just like the one my mother always made for him when he was a kid. I head out to the bakery section of the grocery store and find the only chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing on the shelf as if it has specifically been placed there for me. And why not?  

I have also observed that when the universe does provide it always throws in a bonus. The cake is on sale. I check out the eat before date. There are five whole days left.

My brother’s boys are there. Elijah and Stephan. Both twenty-six. After all the terrible experiences I’ve had regarding men who reject me for younger woman I ask the boys, “What’s the oldest woman you’d go out with?”

“Well, there are some pretty hot forty-year old women but I wouldn’t go out with them,” says Stephan. “I’d have a one night stand.”

My brother who is staring at his cake like he is trying to read some foreign code in it finally says, “This cake tastes really good.”