How I Got Published: Charmaine Gordon


Charmaine Gordon is an eclectic writer. The scope of her novels ranges from contemporary women’s  fiction, sexy seniors, romantic suspense, mystery and thrillers and  she’s written several stories about dogs and their capability as therapy dogs to heal.

Charmaine started her career as a singer.

My first big movie I sang Happy Birthday to Melanie Griffith in Working Girl and during a break, I danced with Harrison Ford. Other movies brought me close to Anthony Hopkins and Billy Crystal. I was in a short scene in Fatal Attraction, last day of shooting and had a great chat with Michael Douglas. It was definitely a sweet time. What a time! And then toward the end of a wonderful play off Broadway, I noticed my fine voice sounded strange. The next day I went to a doctor. The diagnosis was spasmodic dysphonia and that ended my acting career and broke my heart.

A friend suggested I write a book. I thought, terrific but I don’t know how. But after all the scripts I’d learned over the years, why not try. A story came to me and never let go. 


The first book Charmaine got published was To Be Continued

To Be Continued was finished, query letters went out with a few rejections. Call me lucky. It didn’t take too long before Vanilla Heart Publishing, a small company on the West coast, requested a few chapters and soon she wanted the whole manuscript. Good with dialogue after all the scripts I’d read and stage directions and so much more helped in my first story. Good fortune struck when Vanilla Heart Publishing offered a contract for “To Be Continued” and I’ve been with them for almost three years.

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